Even when snow is falling, we offer green and delicious food, fresh picked from our farm.

Red Planet has always offered some of its most flavorful produce during the cold months, grown with a system of row covers and mostly unheated high tunnels. We plan for an exciting mix of arugula, spinach, lettuces, radishes, turnips, cooking greens, broccoli, cabbage and herbs, and will try to have a surprise or two as well.

We run two separate CSA sessions during the cold months of the year. The Early Winter CSA starts on Thanksgiving week and runs for seven weeks through early January. The Late Winter CSA kicks off around March 1st and runs for another seven weeks through April. Precise start dates for both sessions are still to be finalized, and will be announced as we get a little closer to the winter harvest season.

Two CSA Membership Types:

Early Winter- This membership signs you up for 7 weeks of produce from late November through early January $175   Buy Now Button

Full Winter- Save a little money by signing up ahead of time for both the Early and Late Winter sessions (14 weeks total)  $325  Buy Now Button

If online payment isn’t your thing, please mail a check to: Red Planet Farm 75 marshall St. Providence, RI 02909 with a note that includes your email address and phone number and the membership type you’d like to sign up for. You can also just stop by and hand us a check, or cash…

Pickup Times and Locations:  

  • 4-6 on Sundays at the World’s Fair Gallery at 268 Broadway in Providence 
  • 4-6 on Mondays at the farm, 380 Greenville Avenue in Johnston

A note about WINTER WEATHER: Our aim is always to offer a share every week, but sometimes the winter weather is just too awful and we have to take snow days for everyone’s well-being. Just like with school, our policy is to add a pickup later in the session to make up for the missed week.

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