Proud of my Little State!

I’m so excited that after 16 years of growing vegetables; first trying to make all our own potting mix, then buying it from Vermont and feeling the pain in our wallets every year, then buying from New York, but dealing with all the plastic bags it comes in and negotiating convoluted ways to get it shipped for less money………FINALLY! We can buy organic potting mix from our friends RIGHT HERE in RI!

We’re hoping to get our first sling bag from the Compost Plant in the next couple weeks. It’s time to start the onions, and leeks, and some of the herbs and flowers that we’ll be growing for you this year. Sign up now for your main season CSA to pay early bird prices and help us make sure we get all the thing we need when we need them for a great season.


Sign up for early spring mini CSA, or for our main season CSA for 2018

We have passed the halfway point of our early winter CSA, so I thought that while I sit here getting a fire going, I’d remind folks about our early spring CSA!


popcorn cobs are great kindling.

Many of our members bought winter CSA shares with us, which includes the early winter and early spring mini csa’s.  If you did that, don’t worry, you’re in!

But if you didn’t, we have shares available! You can pay with cash, check or on the paypal. Info is here.

Winter CSA: We’ve got room for a few more

img_0272If you like your veggies, sign up to keep getting them right through the winter.

It starts next week folks! Our Winter CSA is your answer to bland store-bought kale and  carrots that taste like cardboard, so make sure you get in on the fun. If you’d still like a share but haven’t gotten around to reserving one, drop what you’re doing and sign up today (or contact us to reserve a spot):

Winter CSA 2017-2018

2 more weeks of Main Season! Early Winter CSA Start Dates!

We are gearing up for the start of our early winter CSA. This will run from Sunday November 12 through the end of the year (weather and holiday depending we might go into 2018) For more info, like pricing, etc. go to

Big news is that we are changing the day and location for pick ups in Providence. How about 3 til 5 at the clean, spacious, lovely World’s Fair Gallery at the Columbus Theater?img_0205and when you come to pick up your share you will see the gorgeous installation by Kelli Rae Adams, which was made with some of our vegetables!


Pick ups at the farm will be on MONDAYS starting November 13, from 4 to 6.

Don’t let the time of the pick ups keep you from joining. If you have questions email me at redplanetvegetables@gmail or text me at 401-273-0914.

Thank you to everyone who has signed up already!

WINTER CSA: Don’t Forget to Sign Up

On this beautiful Fall day, it’s easy to forget that our winter share is just weeks away now. Down on the farm, we have lots of greens and other good things coming along nicely as we continue to plant new stuff every day.

First off, big ups to all of you who have joined the CSA so far! You are right up there with sunshine and rainfall on our list of things that help the farm. Thank you.

If you haven’t yet reserved a share, how about doing it this week, or maybe even right now? You, yes you, can be a ray of sunshine. Sign up and pay instantly right here on our Info Page. There are other useful details on there as well for those who may need more info. Or maybe you’ve got a friend or co-worker who might be interested: share our page with them! 

Of course, if you just want to arrange payment via email, snail mail, phone, ravens or whatever, feel free to contact us at or call 401-273-0914

Broccoli and Popcorn: the Winter CSA is calling…

Your membership really makes farm stuff happen.

img_1642-1The ears on our Pennsylvania Dutch Butter popcorn are still green and tasseled and filling out, so the trick right now is to keep the varmints at bay while the kernels mature. Your CSA membership helps us chase field critters and film critics alike out of the popcorn so it can be a star at your next snowbound movie night.

Here are some young broccoli, img_0001cabbage and hot chiles growing fast in our high tunnel. Your CSA membership helps us keep them warm, weed-free and well-watered in coming weeks to ensure the best possible winter harvest.

If you’d like more details, including more payment options, head over to the Winter CSA 2017-2018 page of our blog.

And of course if you’re all in, join and pay instantly right here:

  • FULL WINTER SHARE $320 (14 weeks)
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  • EARLY WINTER SHARE $175 (7 weeks)
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Sign up today for Red Planet’s Winter CSA

high tunnel 1, 1.28.17

Hey everybody, with autumn blowing in, we want to invite you to grab a share of our cold weather harvest. We’ve added a couple pick-up dates, so our winter CSA starts a little earlier this year and will run a little longer on both ends of the calendar.

This year, we’ve got two share types available:

EARLY WINTER SHARE (7 weeks):       $175
In mid-November through early January, our wintertime CSA offers up piles of fresh spinach, arugula, kale, mustards, collards, bok choi, lettuce,  radishes, scallions, fresh herbs, broccoli, plus our Fall-harvested storage crops like carrots, turnips, potatoes, and winter squash.    
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FULL WINTER SHARE (14 weeks):        $320
After a much-needed mid-winter break, our CSA traditionally starts up again in early March to send you into Spring with seven more weeks of greens, herbs and roots. This share option offers a bit of a deal for those who want to sign up all at once for both an Early and Late Winter CSA share.   
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Here’s our Winter CSA Page with all the details.


Winter growing is kind of a big project, but it’s pretty fun and the results are worth it. As we continue to expand and improve our cold weather harvest so we can offer more and better produce,  your membership really helps us make it all come together in the best way possible. Go join now!

We are still nailing down exact pickup days and times for the season, and working on a new and improved Providence pick-up location. As usual, watch this space for further details and updates.


In Defense of Meat

I’ve been talking about meat eating vs. veganism and how we make these choices with a lot of different people lately. I think this piece reflects my views in a lot of ways. Please join the conversation!

Deep Roots Farm

This article isn’t meant to convert vegetarians or vegans into paleo fanatics, but merely to help people take off their blinders and take a little more responsibility for the food they eat. And for the record, I bought an avocado AND an artichoke today that were both grown in California so I am by no means eating a perfect diet. I would guestimate that about 75% of my calories are local, but I am human, aka not perfect, after all.

A few weeks ago I attended a two-day soil workshop hosted by a pretty brilliant farmer down the road from me. In those two days I was transported back in time to Chemistry class, not my favorite. But this time, I was spellbound. Soil! What a complex and miraculous substance! We talked about physical structure, cation exchange, nutrient cycle, and plant health. As we were talking about nutrients and how to get them…

View original post 1,113 more words

Red Planet Main Season CSA: Sign-up Time.

There are still memberships available, so we hope you will help us get our work done joining the Main Season CSA today! We are plunging into the main planting season for all those delicious crops that will show up in your CSA shares this Summer and Fall. Now is when we start the long Spring project of fixing stuff, preparing beds, applying soil amendments, seeding and transplanting, all of which will set the stage for a great harvest all year long.

To do this complicated annual project the right way and offer the best possible produce each season, timing is critical. As you all know, we grow 40+ different kinds of vegetables; each one requires a different planting schedule and unique care and feeding. The farm relies on the awesome support of our CSA members to pay for all the labor and materials we need to help our farm thrive, so your membership payment in the Spring really does mean the difference between good harvest and a great one in the Summer and Fall.

Please pitch in and help the farm out this week by joining the main season CSA, so we can continue to cover our costs and get our work done well and in time for the upcoming season. Paying now really does make for more bountiful and higher quality produce, because we farmers have the resources we need to do our work properly. Here’s the sign-up page where you can download a mail-in form OR join via Paypal:

And if anyone’s interested, here’s a random sampling from our Spring shopping list, a few of the many ingredients that go into the business of farming at Red Planet:

  • 225 lbs of seed potatoes
  • 3 tons of Texas peanut meal (natural source of nitrogen and potassium for our soil)
  • New seals and packing for the tractor’s hydraulic system
  • 3-400 lbs of propane to supplement our woodstove in the greenhouse
  • 25 lbs of beans and peas
  • 3000 feet of drip tape (maybe we can beat the drought this year…)
  • 40 yards of gravel to improve our muddy parking areas
  • 300 Asparagus roots
  • 2 tons of potting mix
  • New mower blades