Happy New Year!

I don’t know about you, but I needed a few days to recover from 2020!

Without the CSA, Red Planet would not have survived and I am so grateful. When people kept signing up and the membership became bigger than it ever had, I worried about having enough to fill everyone’s shares. And it was a struggle sometimes, especially in the first month. But as the season went on I grew to love it so much. Partly because it was the most social I got to be all week! And my CSA members are the friendliest, funniest, most generous folks anywhere.

So here we go. These are the weeks I figure out what’s going to grow where. What I need to do better (protecting crops from critters is #1 on that list) and what I might want to grow less of (because I may be going overboard with my love of celery) Soon I will be sending off seed orders. Ordering supplies. And constructing a new seed starting area big enough for red planet 2021.

I’m happy to report that Kendra will continue to work with me for a third season! Together we will be helping Southside Community Land Trust develop the standards for a certified apprenticeship program in small scale sustainable farming in Rhode Island.

I’m getting excited about the possibilities. And we’re hoping that you will join us for another season! Perhaps one where we can eventually talk to each other without masks on!

Basic info about the CSA can be found right here.

If you have any questions get in touch with me at redplanetvegetables@gmail.com

2 thoughts on “Happy New Year!

  1. Hello and Happy New Year, may it be healthy and satisfying. I plan to join in again, and if you are asking I would like to see more lettuce in the offerings. Thank You for all your work!!


  2. Thanks Catherine! I’m so glad that you and Tarzan will be back. And YES I plan to grow lots more lettuces!


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