First Pick Ups Monday and Wednesday

Here we go!

4-6 Monday at 75 Marshall Street in Providence

4-6 Wednesday at the farm

I will set up a tent in the driveway tomorrow. And will mark where to line up. Folks will come up to me to get their share, observing social distance. I will wear a mask and gloves and bag your share for you, unless you bring your own bag. If you do, I will lay out the share for you to bag yourself.

And please be patient with us and each other. I have never done the csa this way. Things rarely go perfectly smoothly the first time around (or ever)

I look forward to seeing you all. As do the radishes, snap peas, lettuces, herbs and greens that await you.

4 thoughts on “First Pick Ups Monday and Wednesday

  1. My mouth is watering for the greens and radishes and more! Looking forward to meeting you.


  2. We ate all the snap peas on the walk home from pick up, couldn’t resist them! Thank you!


    1. Garlic Scapes! the flower stem of hardneck garlic. Cook similar to asparagus or green beans. Strong garlic flavor. Great grilled!


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