A beautiful day

…to stay inside and work on my plans for the main season this year.IMG_2610.jpg

This week I found out that I was accepted into the Southside Community Land Trust’s farm apprenticeship program; meaning I will be mentoring a prospective farmer who will be working with me full time, for a full year! And it’s going to be a year full of changes. I was deeply inspired by the spirit and the wisdom of Jen Salinetti from Woven Roots Farm at this year’s Northeast Organic Farmer’s Association Winter Conference. Her workshop reminded me of the ideals I had as a beginning farmer (back in 2003!) and showed me what is possible if I recommit to them. Intensive growing, regenerative methods, using mainly hand tools.  The team at Red Planet is better than ever, and I will be making extra efforts to share our progress with you here on the blog. It feels like this Super Blood Wolf Full Moon with a total Eclipse (despite the fact that it won’t be visible tonight) is a good time to set some intentions. So that’s what I did. Stay warm!


2 thoughts on “A beautiful day

  1. Catherine. Sounds wonderful. I wish I could be there to give you a hug in person! Mazel Tov. Dreams do come true.

    You are inspirational.

    Life in CA is lovely…and challenging…just like life anywhere.

    Miss your beautiful smile. Hugs to Mat.




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