When’s a good time to join the CSA? Now.

The busy season at the farm is beginning. We’re spending time and money on sowing seeds, greasing gears, sorting through spreadsheets, and greening up greenhouses. img_0832It’s that time of year when the farm has to buy all the stuff it needs to grow seedlings, buy or fix equipment, and prepare the fields for planting and harvest.

This work is the raw material we farmers put together each year to build the foundation for a great harvest. You can invest in the success of our work by joining 2018 Main Season CSA today. Your member shares are a crucial part of our yearly building process. Join the effort! Get your share of the 2018 Main Season CSA by signing up right here: 

FULL SHARE ($500) 
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Have questions or need more info? Go to 2018 Main Season CSA Info Page:  https://wordpress.com/page/redplanetvegetables.com/35905