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Hey everybody, with autumn blowing in, we want to invite you to grab a share of our cold weather harvest. We’ve added a couple pick-up dates, so our winter CSA starts a little earlier this year and will run a little longer on both ends of the calendar.

This year, we’ve got two share types available:

EARLY WINTER SHARE (7 weeks):       $175
In mid-November through early January, our wintertime CSA offers up piles of fresh spinach, arugula, kale, mustards, collards, bok choi, lettuce,  radishes, scallions, fresh herbs, broccoli, plus our Fall-harvested storage crops like carrots, turnips, potatoes, and winter squash.    
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FULL WINTER SHARE (14 weeks):        $320
After a much-needed mid-winter break, our CSA traditionally starts up again in early March to send you into Spring with seven more weeks of greens, herbs and roots. This share option offers a bit of a deal for those who want to sign up all at once for both an Early and Late Winter CSA share.   
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Here’s our Winter CSA Page with all the details.


Winter growing is kind of a big project, but it’s pretty fun and the results are worth it. As we continue to expand and improve our cold weather harvest so we can offer more and better produce,  your membership really helps us make it all come together in the best way possible. Go join now!

We are still nailing down exact pickup days and times for the season, and working on a new and improved Providence pick-up location. As usual, watch this space for further details and updates.


2 thoughts on “Sign up today for Red Planet’s Winter CSA

  1. Hi Catherine, I miss the farm share. I had a bad fall on father’s day and have been homebound since with health services coming in. I need a knee replaced but with the fall and ms was delayed twice. I do not want you to think we did not return because we were dissatisfied. With added medical equipment things have been a bit tight. Medical insurance with a chronic illness is terrible. What would be the best share to get for Ron and I? Thank you Kathy

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    1. We love and miss you guys! You are a tough woman and we’re so proud of how you deal with these challenges. We will get in touch as soon as we can!


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