Red Planet Main Season CSA: Sign-up Time.

There are still memberships available, so we hope you will help us get our work done joining the Main Season CSA today! We are plunging into the main planting season for all those delicious crops that will show up in your CSA shares this Summer and Fall. Now is when we start the long Spring project of fixing stuff, preparing beds, applying soil amendments, seeding and transplanting, all of which will set the stage for a great harvest all year long.

To do this complicated annual project the right way and offer the best possible produce each season, timing is critical. As you all know, we grow 40+ different kinds of vegetables; each one requires a different planting schedule and unique care and feeding. The farm relies on the awesome support of our CSA members to pay for all the labor and materials we need to help our farm thrive, so your membership payment in the Spring really does mean the difference between good harvest and a great one in the Summer and Fall.

Please pitch in and help the farm out this week by joining the main season CSA, so we can continue to cover our costs and get our work done well and in time for the upcoming season. Paying now really does make for more bountiful and higher quality produce, because we farmers have the resources we need to do our work properly. Here’s the sign-up page where you can download a mail-in form OR join via Paypal:

And if anyone’s interested, here’s a random sampling from our Spring shopping list, a few of the many ingredients that go into the business of farming at Red Planet:

  • 225 lbs of seed potatoes
  • 3 tons of Texas peanut meal (natural source of nitrogen and potassium for our soil)
  • New seals and packing for the tractor’s hydraulic system
  • 3-400 lbs of propane to supplement our woodstove in the greenhouse
  • 25 lbs of beans and peas
  • 3000 feet of drip tape (maybe we can beat the drought this year…)
  • 40 yards of gravel to improve our muddy parking areas
  • 300 Asparagus roots
  • 2 tons of potting mix
  • New mower blades


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  1. I’ll be there by Friday, Saturday at the latest. If you have a half share, I have a new member.

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