Enjoying the winter

The days are so short right now we often end up working in the dark. Matt took a photo of row cover glowing under our namesake star, Mars.


While he’s out at the farm, I’m home thinking about how the season has gone, and how it’s getting better and better at our new location. And also about the holidays coming up. We have updated the info about our Main Season CSA in case you are thinking about buying someone a share as a gift, or if you want to give us the gift of paying early!

Early birds get to pay 2016 prices; that’s true for you and for us. The earlier we get our supply orders and seed orders in, the better the pricing and the selection. And the better prepared we can be to have the most amazing year ever.

Just last week Matt installed a woodstove in our washroom, and cut out a doorway from there to our little greenhouse. This means we hopefully will not have to buy propane to keep our seedlings warm in the new year. And it means we have a warm room to wash our winter vegetables! Here’s a bit of what our members received yesterday: early-winter-week-2

We are so grateful for the support and friendship of our CSA members.