Growing into 2016

Happy New Year! We are starting our second year at 380 Greenville Avenue, it will be our first FULL year since we started moving there in April 2015.

Now we have a chance to make this farm a reflection of all that we’ve learned over the years. And we will be able to plan a full year of production on more land than we’ve ever had. We are bringing back our Early Spring CSA, and returning to a more “traditional” main season CSA.  I am working out the details, and will have the information available very soon.  If you still have credit from last year’s CSA, you will be able to use your balance in a couple of different ways. And we are definitely looking for more members, so please spread the word.

I feel like this year is a real Fresh Start. Last year I felt pushed beyond my limits by the need to move AND try to bring in an income from the new farm. Plus the late spring made it even harder; remember how deep the snow was?  I took a part time job working in community gardens in Providence’s public parks. I wondered if it was time to leave Rhode Island, or farming in general, or stop trying to run a business with my partner. What was needed was some quiet time to think it through, and it took til late December to get that. Now it’s been a few weeks and I know I love growing vegetables with Matt here in Rhode Island right on the edge of our really freaking charming little city. We have gone through a period of stress and anxiety, and we got through it. It’s time to remember why we started doing this in the first place, more than a decade ago.

This year we can start right up. I’ve made a stack of soil blocks, and our Johnny’s seed order came in last Thursday. Even if we do end up with lots of snow and cold temperatures, our little greenhouse is heated, and the hardy greens we plant in the two high tunnels will be fine.

I’m just writing this because I’ve been feeling so grateful for the people who have worked with us, and joined our CSA, and become our friends, and collaborated with us.  And let you know how excited I am to get started this year.

2 thoughts on “Growing into 2016

  1. I’ve been wondering when we would hear from you. Glad you are back and ready to go with a new season. Looking forward to hearing you plans for the garden. Stay warm.


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