Red Planet Workday and Potluck!

Everyone!  Please join us on
Saturday the 27th of June
For our first gathering at the NEW FARM!
By 9:00 am we will be at 380 Greenville Avenue in Johnston, and there will be various jobs that people can jump in on all through the daytime.  Planting, weeding, mulching.  Building things, taking things apart, etc.  Come anytime,
for as long as you want.  You don’t have to work in the field!  If you just want to walk around, or help set up refreshments, or just say hi, we’d love to see you!
By the late afternoon we will have some food, potluck-style.  There will be a grill going.  There will be beverages. And we will relax.
There is a small white house at this address, we will be able to use the kitchen and bathroom here.  Take the driveway between 378 and 380 Greenville Ave to the park behind the garages at 380.  We’ll make this all obvious before the day.
It’s going to be fun!  See you there, I hope.
Our move from 544 Greenville Avenue has been full of….setbacks.  The clutch went on the pickup.  We didn’t have the storage space we needed at the new place at the crucial time.  Scheduling problems (we both have part time jobs) and tractor problems.
Then Matt got lyme.
Finally we are hitting our stride.  Matt has been getting a lot of work done with the tractor now, despite the fact that the steering wheel comes off like all the cars in Mad Max.  And lots of seeds got in the ground before the fantastic rain we got yesterday.  I’ll be transplanting my brains out from now til it’s done and soon we will have produce for our awesome CSA members. I CANNOT wait for that.
tractorwork photo 1 (1)
  I hope you can make it out to the farm for the workday or the potluck or both.  And if possible, ride out there on the Woonasquatucket River Bike Path!  From the beautiful Riverside Park in Olneyville, it’s about 3.5 miles to our farm.  The path ends on Lyman Avenue.  At the top of that street, you cross to get on Greenville Avenue.  We are just a few houses past Baffoni’s chicken farm.