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Yup,we’re packing it up and moving down the road.  And starting seeds and digging things up, taking things apart and building stuff and making plans and trying to figure it all out.  Finally after so much searching and hand-wringing, a decision has been made and we can now share it with you:

The address of the new place is 378 Greenville Ave. in Johnston, about a half mile east of our current farm. The fields are visible from the road out behind some ranch houses. Access is via a lane between number 378 and 380. Parking, while not set up just yet, will be available off this lane near the front of the fields. As we are just beginning to move onto the site, we ask that folks refrain from visiting unannounced until at least the last week in April.

This move would take a lot of time, money and work under any conditions, but Winter’s record snow has delayed all plans enough that we know we won’t be having a “normal” farming season. This year will be a time of transition. As such, we’d rather take the time to start up our farm the right way than rush into this new thing and fall on our face. To make it all work, we are planning changes in the way we run the CSA which we hope will give us more flexibility, less risk, and some breathing room to establish a solid orderly foundation in this important first year at the new location.

To make sure our CSA members get the best of the 2015 harvest during this unusual year, we are setting a new system. Members who pay for a 2015 share will be signed up for a “produce line of credit” that they can draw on to purchase any of our vegetables on any timeframe and in any amount throughout the entire year, even during our winter growing season. Think pre-paid gift card. We’ll provide great quality and variety, but on a less rigid schedule than in past years.

This new setup allows the farm greater flexibility and decreases pressure on us during an unusual harvest season, but also gives members more choice on when and what they consume. We know many of you keep your own bounteous gardens, we all enjoy unprecedented access to farmers’ markets these days, so we’d like our CSA to complement these food sources rather than compete with them for fridge space.

Here it is,

2015 CSA Info and Contract

Joining the CSA is just one of the ways you can help us out this year.

We need YOU for the Farm Mobilization Volunteer Corps!

Starting right now and going through June, we are seeking volunteers to help us do the work of dismantling, hauling and re-establishing Red Planet Farm. Whether you yourself would like to come and help or you’d like to help motivate others to do so, we’d greatly appreciate it.  If you don’t want to get out in the dirt, we would love help organizing a fundraiser or any other ideas you might have!

We can make use of many skill sets, from simple schlepping to skilled carpentry. Don’t be shy about letting us know what you’re good at so we can best use your talents.

Email or text/call 401-481-6115 with dates and times you’d like to volunteer and we will happily put you in our schedule.


    1. I meant to say Great! have been thinking of you and hoping you get some good weather for the big move.


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