Go til Thanksgiving?

As you all know, Red Planet has to get out of Mathewson Farm. And we are starting the process of packing up and moving, which is daunting. But when I look in the field I still see so much FOOD.
So I would really love it if any of you would sign up for 3 more pick ups.
Here’s how it could work.
$20 per week. You can pay the full $60 or pay $20 each time you pick up. That way if you can only make it 2 out of 3 weeks it’s no big deal. Bring cash if you want to buy extra storage crops like potatoes and squash, or eggs. If you are interested in helping with the harvest on Mondays, I would like to have one workshare.

Pick ups are at 75 Marshall St. on Tuesdays from 5 to 7.
A little extra time, but no pick ups at the farm. And we will set up in the front hall, where we have shelter and light.

Of course, it’s a little last minute, I know. I will be harvesting tomorrow.
So if you think you want to do it, even just this week, send me an email at redplanetvegetables@gmail.com. Your participation will be such a help.
If I hear from you by Monday evening, and confirm your spot with an email, you’re in!

Here’s a list of what we will have:
Kale, chard, escarole, mustard, frisee, lettuce, arugula, cilantro, parsley, onions, shallots, garlic, baby leeks, baby carrots, turnips, daikon, celeriac, potatoes, squash, pumpkins.
It will vary from week to week, somewhat. And I am probably forgetting something. And some things might get hit by a hard frost. But I’m sure we can put together some excellent shares from now til Thanksgiving.
Get in touch if you want to join us!

baby carrotspotatoes
buttercup squash

7 thoughts on “Go til Thanksgiving?

  1. Hey Catherine! I am so sorry to hear about you losing your lease – I didn’t see the email announcing the change until I looked at this one and dug it up (my inbox is a disaster).  But, it sounds like you guys are looking at this as an opportunity to move closer towards your dreams, so in that respect I guess this could be a very good thing, even if difficult.  I am sure you’ll experience the loss as well as the excitement of moving on to something new.  I’d love to lend a hand at some point, doing a work day with you, even though I wasn’t part of the CSA this year.  Also, if I can get in on these next three weeks I’d love to!  If that doesn’t work for you no worries.  I just mentioned to Manny this morning that it’s been ages since I’ve seen you, and I definitely miss that!  So I hope I can visit with you over these next couple of weeks and would love to be able to have some of your wonderful veggies to boot!All the best,Stephanie


  2. Steph! I’ve missed you and my yoga friends so much! it would be great to have you join us for the next few weeks. I will put you on the list.


  3. Hi Catherine, I’d be happy to pick up shares and some storage veg over the next couple of weeks. I’m not a regular but saw this on Cluck! and happy to help out 🙂


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