Week 22 is upon us!

That means it is the LAST pick up of the CSA at Mathewson Farm.
I hope that you have all enjoyed your veggie share this year. I would love to hear from all of you: your favorites, what you had fun with, what confused you, anything!
We do our best to plan what you will be getting through the summer, and then get swept up in the season. As my crazy schedule of restaurant sales, farmers’ market and field work starts to ease up I begin to get my mind back. Oh my goodness. There’s so much to catch up with! And then, moving.
Today I’ve had a chance to look over your shares from week to week, and it feels like magic that we hit our goals. Thanks so much to Thea and Amanda for running the CSA harvest this year. You two did an amazing job.
This week we will try to load you up with squash and potatoes, and then have a healthy mix of choices of greens and roots and herbs.
Please stay in touch with us! I am still considering a weekly pick up at our house through November, but need to find out how much interest there is in this idea. And if you have ideas about fundraisers to help us with the big move, let’s make a plan!
Email me at redplanetvegetables@gmail.com

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  1. We are interested in an extension for the farm share let us know Kathy and Ron

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