Early Spring Mini CSA Starts NEXT week!

March 19th, that’s a wednesday, from 4 to 7.  Of course, if the time frame is tough get in touch with me and we’ll make arrangements.

And PLEASE don’t let it go down into the single digits this week.  We really need that snow to melt!

First pick up will be small, but they’ll get bigger, I promise.  We will have salad greens and arugula and something else (we’ll see) and EGGS.  

Normally, pick ups will be in the front hall at 75 Marshall St.  I encourage you to bring your own bags and to recycle your egg cartons with me.  Most often you will weigh out your share yourself, from the directions on the chalkboard; but if I have time I will do it for you.  There will be a check in sheet, so remember to check your name off.  If the weather is nice I will set up the table in the driveway.  

Looking forward to seeing you all!