This week’s share

There have been a few requests over the years that I give CSA members a head’s up on what I’m harvesting for their share in advance of the pick up day.  It being the week of the 4th of July I thought I could finally give it a try. 

We will have salad mix and fresh herbs, including parsley, savory, marjoram, and some basil tops.  Cooking greens will be a choice of chard, mustard or some other thing.  Plus carrots, summer onions, peas, and -NEW THIS WEEK- green beans!  the french filet type.  Finally, I’m going to pick berries.  If there’s enough for everybody they will be part of the share.  If not, there will be raspberries, black raspberries and blueberries for sale at $3/half pint.  That’s a dollar off the farmer’s market price. 

And as usual we will have eggs for sale, $4/dozen for the large ones, $3 for the little ones.

Pick up times are the same as ever:  Tuesday at 75 Marshall Street in Providence, from 5:30 to 7.  Wednesday at the farm, 544 Greenville Avenue in Johnston, from 4 to 5:30.

If anyone is interested in coming out to help in the field for a couple hours, get in touch with me!

And stay tuned, we will be planning a picnic potluck at the farm in July!



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  1. You are ahead of us there in RI! How exciting to see your berries his year. wish we lived closer.


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