Good days

Hey it was so nice to see everyone this past week!  And what a relief to have everything going; the farmers market, the restaurant sales, the csa, the sunshine, the rain, the planting, the weeding.  Summer is here.

This week we’ll have garlic scapes and more peas (snaps and snow peas), besides the greens, herbs and radishes. 

And Tuesday is supposed to be rainy so I will set up the table in the front hall of 75 Marshall St.

Wednesday’s pick up at the farm is likely to always be in the back of the barn.  It was so much easier with the new set up we have there.

And if anyone wants to go say hi to the chickens I will make sure the fence is turned off!  Besides that, folks (well, kids mostly) might want to walk over to the pond.  We have maybe a million or so teeny tiny frogs down there and it’s kind of fun watching them.

See you soon!