Hurricane Sandy and the last pick up of the year

This week’s TUESDAY pick up is postponed to WEDNESDAY

Same time, 5:30 to 7.  Wednesday’s pick up time at the farm will not change, Matt will be there toward the end so I have time to set up at the house.  Even though it might be nothing at all, I think that we should be avoiding a pick up in heavy rain and 40 mile an hour wind. 

Wednesday looks pretty calm, so hopefully we can all have a good Halloween!  Come in costume and you’ll get a treat!

Also, I made a decision to not add a late fall extension to our CSA this year.  We have so many projects happening on the farm, and I need to free up some time for my own health!  Of course, there are going to be greens and herbs and other things coming out of the 2 hoophouses, and even out of the field up into December.  I would like to figure out a simple way to distribute what we can to whoever is interested.  The idea so far is to send out a group text on days I harvest, and you would text me with an order.  I would send out another when it sells out.  If you didn’t make a note on the check-in sheet last week, let’s work it out this week.

And thank you so much for being in our CSA this year!  I hope you will join us next year, for the Early Spring CSA and for the main season!