Today’s pick up

We are having the usual rainy day pick up in the back of the barn. Please be careful on the road.  It’s pretty wet. 
If you come after 5, there’s a chance that no one will be here, but I will leave clear instructions for getting your share.  Matt can’t be here for the last half hour, but will be back later to put stuff away. I have to get to newport to speak at some dinner.  Forgot all about it!  I hope it all goes well! Call if you have any questions. 401-273-0914.@

One thought on “Today’s pick up

  1. Hey Catherine, it’s Michelle Pechie. I couldn’t make it today. All this bad weather is wreaking havoc with my arthritis. If it’s possible can I pick up something at the Armory tomorrow? If not I completely understand. Date: Wed, 5 Sep 2012 18:56:50 +0000 To:


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