Getting your veg

Well, at least we didn’t have to worry about things wilting in the heat today.  We are ready for tomorrow’s pick up at the house in Providence.  Thank you to everyone for letting us know what day you’re coming!  There’ll be eggs for sale, but not too many.  The new hens haven’t started laying, and the old ones are slowing down.  

We’ll set up in the driveway, with the tent if the rain doesn’t stop. 

If you pick up at the farm wednesday PLEASE drive in the driveway in front of the barn on Greenville Ave.  Turn right in front of the barn by the crooked cedar tree.  There is a grassy area where you can park right there.  PLEASE do not park on Carpenter St. and go across the backyard.  And parking on Greenville is pretty hairy too. The red planet parking lot is lovely and smells like mint.

We set up a table towards the back of the barn.  Lucy, our border collie, barks her head off but she’s really totally friendly. We have some gorgeous greens and herbs and roots and SCAPES.  Looking forward to seeing you all!