Down From the Mountain

©K. Labonville

first we went here and lazed about and wondered about the distant peaks until a Frenchman suggested we climb them

and so we did (and here’s a view from the first peak to the second peak.) they are called East and West Baldpate.

and then we thought we’d better get home and check up on the old farm… The eggplant is behind the breadfruit tree:

Okay, we’re back. It’s hot. The summer is approaching it’s peak. Those right-wing healthcare-hating birth certificate-obsessed whackjobs are amazing! We’ve got a nice list of rewarding agricultural activities to embrace in the coming days, so if any members want to spend their leisure hours on any of them, please come out and get down with us. An ode to the farm in August (Keats I think):

Some crops are heavy with fruit that needs pickin’

Some have bugs that need lickin’

The rate of weed growth has quickened

And I wish I had a few chickens

The tomatoes are crazy

Their future is hazy.

The cabbages are lazy

and the pathways, tho’ green, have mullets longer than Swayze’s.

We can use a whole pile of help this week. Any day any hour. For those interested, if you come out and work you can take home some of the surplus stuff which has grown in our absence. We’ve got tons of cukes zukes and beans for pickling or preserving what have you. Put in some hours, get yer can on.

And for those who haven’t been out to the farm at all, the rumors of vicious wild pigs are just that, rumors. You are not in danger. I repeat, just rumors unless you consider groundhogs to be both vicious and wild.

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