While Matt and Catherine are gone

For folks helping with farm maintenance while Matt and Catherine are gone…

Delia and I headed out to the farm today around five.  We picked many beans and squash.  We didn’t get to the cucumbers or the wax beans (furthest back in the row).  We didn’t get to any weeding either.

If you go in the late afternoon/early evening hours, I DEFINITELY recommend bug spray.  We stopped and picked up some calamine lotion on the way home!

– Sarah

2 thoughts on “While Matt and Catherine are gone

  1. I went today, Wednesday for about an hour. I weeded the cabbages a little. There were some feathery wild carrot or real carrot or maybe parsnips interplanted it seemed, so I left those and just pulled the grasses, the nutsedge (I hate nutsedge), some nightshades that were starting to fruit, sorrel, and the lambsquarter. When Catherine gets back, I will have to find time to spend with her in the field for more weed identification.

    Found some beans and cucumbers that were decidedly ripe (orange cukes?) and saw lots of big squashes in dark green and bright yellow.

    Wandered around a bit and encouraged any vines I saw creeping across the ground to climb their nearby poles. Saw lots and lots of green tomatoes!

    There was some thunder around quarter to 5, and it tried very hard to rain, but barely dampened the leaves.

    Some yellow soft-bodied bugs were attacking the beans, lots of hopping bugs, and some orange-with-black-spots beetles that I probably should have smushed but Wanted to ID before decimating.

    Sarah’s right about the bugs. They weren’t too bad when I got there, but around 5, they decided it was dinner time and I was on the menu.

    The sunflowers are home or drop-in center for a variety of brightly colored birds. One in particular with brown and yellow striping was rather bold and didn’t fly off until his comfort zone was breached.

    I would love a section on this blog, or comments with your posting, on what you’ve seen and heard when weeding or picking or planting.



  2. If anyone finds a small black pedometer around the veggies, please contact Maxine at weedfam @ yahoo.com (minus the spaces). It’s part of a research study I’m in. Thanks!


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