Time Flies Like an Arrow. Farm Flies Like a Tomato.

We are rushing to get ready for vacation and we’re noticing those tomato plants have grown like weeds. I need to build a trellis for them, like, yesterday.

So if any folks have a hankering for some post-setting, wire straining, vine-tying etc. please come on out on Wednesday anytime from 8 am till dusk. It will be a marathon workday and I could really use as many hands as possible.

I imagine we’ll set posts in the morning, which involves whacking things with sledgehammers and some backwoods carpentry, then we’ll move on to stretching high tensile wire between posts. Once the wire is up, we can get into tying the tomato plants to the wire. It’s like the trellis you’ve seen in vineyards, but instead of waiting for your boring old wine to develop its nose, you’ll be eating delicious marinara sauce in a fraction of the time.

I will provide a hot grill upon which we may murder vegetables and hot dogs for sustenance during the day. If enough people show up, we can call it a party, a Trellis Party. Oh yeah.

Seriously, if folks have time, please come out. This is definitely a big one, and the potential for an awesome yield of savory globes is on the line. If we don’t tie these suckers up now, they will be sprawling and rank in a week, which means we will all get fewer love apples, which is never good.

See you in the garden hardy members!