Garden of Abundance

The sun has been out for the past few days, and things are really taking off! The squash and cabbage are huge, corn is getting bigger each week, and the sunflowers are smiling happily over the fields.

While the peas are just about done for the year, the beans are just starting to take off. This morning Christie and I helped Catherine put in the bamboo poles for the pole beans to climb. While they are only a few inches high today I’m sure they will shoot up a few feet in the next couple weeks.

If you haven’t been out in a few weeks or had the chance to linger at the CSA pick-up, I encourage you to stop by and see the abudance of mid-summer.                                                                                         In a call for weekly harvest help, head out Wednesday morning to bask in the bounty of beans and help pick all of the wonderful veggies and herbs that will be going home with all the CSA members this week!

This week’s pictures coming soon…..