What to do with favas?

Hannah, Christie and I all live together and share our CSA, and on Wednesdays we’ve gotten into the habit of cooking up our CSA haul and sitting down together for dinner. We were thrilled to pick up our pound of fava beans last week, because none of us have ever cooked with them before. We shelled the beans and decided to peel off their skins, and then sauteed them with herbs and zucchini from Red Planet. We got this beautiful white and green dinner, and loved every bite:

So now that we’re hooked on favas, we’re wondering: what next? Some of you out there must have delicious fava bean recipes, and we want to try them! If you’d like to post one, or share other recipes that have grown out of our CSA so far this season, you can log into the blog by going to wordpress.com. Our user-name is redplanetvegetables, and the password is csa2009. The “New Post” button is at the top of the page.

– Kaya