Get your work-share hours in this week during the evenings!

Hi everyone and happy 4th!

Here’s the general overview of the work schedule for the week. They just got 20 bales of straw so they will need some helping mulching the field this week. As always, its a good idea to call and check with Catherine and Matt before you come.

This week is a late evenings week – so if you have time after work on night head over the farm to get in some hours! and don’t forget to track them on the spreadsheet (link found on the left side bar)


Mornings: Restaurant harvest

Evening: Field work? Check in with Catherine if you are available


Morning: 2 people needed to help with harvest!

Mulching, weeding and more with Matt

Afternoon: 1 person needed to set up CSA-pick up


Mornings: Farmers Market harvest help

Mulching, weeding and more with Matt (in afternoon too)


All day help on mowing, weeding, etc