Work Schedule Week of June 29th

This week’s schedule is similar to last weeks, though no late evenings this week.

Catherine and Matt will be out in Johnston most of the time, from about 10 – 5/6ish.

Let them know if there is some time during the week you can make it.

(Catherine says its always a good idea to call her on fridays to check that she’s there)

Specific times we NEED people to help:

Wednesday Morning: CSA harvest help! Starting at 9

Wednesday Afternoon: CSA set up – around 3.

Fridays: Mowing, other clean-up/maintenance.

Let Catherine know if you can make it (

The week of July 6th will be another week of late evenings. IF you can do afterwork hours any weekday, let us know.

Please remember to record your hours in the spreadsheet! Located on the top right corner.

Taken any good pictures of your share or meals you’ve made with it?

Have a good story about your workshare hours? Please post them to the blog!

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