CSA Meeting this Wednesday

Hi everyone,

We wanted to have a CSA meeting/potluck on Wednesday during the pick-up just to check in with everyone about the CSA, work-share hours, communication, etc.

We were thinking of convening at 6:30 on Wednesday at the farm in Johnston – so come pick up your share and stick around to chat.

We also need some volunteers for Wednesday’s harvest – starting around 9, and CSA set-up.

Email Catherine at marsfarmer@yahoo.com if you can make it!


What: Red Planet CSA Meeting

When: Wednesday June 17th at 6:30

Where: Matthewson Farm in Johnston


2 thoughts on “CSA Meeting this Wednesday

  1. ARG! That’s a school program night. Honors night, where they dole out the honors the kids have earned this year. Talk to you Wednesday at pickup, and will contact you Thursday to learn what went on at the meeting.

    I can’t believe every meeting thus far has been a schedule conflict.


  2. Maxine,
    What you deserve is a party in your honor! Or at least one where you get to hang out with all the great folks in the csa. Wednesday’s meeting is hopefully to get more people involved, and you’ve been super involved, so you wouldn’t be missing much. Don’t worry about it.


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